Financial Planning

Financial planning consists of six main areas. Changes in one area often affect other areas. It is imperative to work with a CFP® professional who understands how to build a coordinated financial plan.

Financial Planning

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    Financial & Retirement Goals

    • Goal & Lifestyle Definition
    • Accumulation & Funding Strategies
    • Review Retirement Strategies
      • Social Security and Pension Options
      • Cash Flow Buffer
      • Lifetime Retirement Income
    • "What If" Scenarios with Various Plan Testing
      • Retirement Cash Flow
      • Probability Analysis (Monte Carlo)
      • Stress Testing
      • Withdrawal Rate Sustainability

    Assets & Investments:

    • Investment Education & Strategy
    • Portfolio Allocation & Asset Location
    • Tax Considerations
    • Investment Selection
    • Stock Option Planning
    • Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
    • Rental Real Estate
    • Business Ownership and Retirement Plans
    • Management (optional)
      • Rebalancing
      • Tax
      • Contributions &

    Tax Planning:

    • Review Current Tax Exposure
    • Analyze Current and Future Tax Efficiencies
    • Advanced Strategies

    Cash & Debt Management:

    • Net Worth and Cash Flow
    • Mortgage and Other Debt Analysis
    • Emergency and Short-Term Savings

    Estate Planning:

    • Review Wills
    • Review Power of Attorneys
    • Review Trust(s)
    • Asset Titling
    • Beneficiary Designations
    • Philanthropy / Legacy Planning
    • Advanced Strategies

    Risk Management:

    • Review the Following Insurance Coverage:
      • Heath
      • Life
      • Disability
      • Long Term Care
      • Auto, Home, Liability
    • Other Liability Reduction Strategies

Our financial plans are about quality, not quantity. You will not be handed a 50-page spiral-bound “plan” full of boilerplate language with confusing numbers and line graphs. We provide a Recommendations Report, which simply provides specific recommendations and details about what you need to do and when in each planning area. You are encouraged to track your progress through periodic or annual review meetings.

We offer two services within Financial Planning:

Retirement Planning: This is a deep dive into retirement planning with strategies for achieving your financial goals, income and tax planning, portfolio withdrawals and sustainability. While there is a review of Risk Management, Tax Planning and Estate Planning, the emphasis is on your Financial Goals (retirement planning, travel, etc.), Investment Portfolio, and Cash & Debt Management. It consists of 2-3 meetings and includes an interactive session to assess financial and retirement goal planning, running various "what if" scenarios, stress testing the plan, and measuring portfolio sustainability. We provide specific recommendations with our Recommendations Report.

This service is best suited for those approaching retirement or already in retirement.

Accumulator Planning: This is our most comprehensive planning service as we thoroughly review and provide advice on all six key areas in your financial plan. This service usually consists of three or more meetings, depending upon complexity. It includes an interactive session to assess financial and retirement goal planning, test various "what if" scenarios and concludes with a presentation of our Recommendations Report.

This service is best suited for those still accumulating for retirement and looking for an in-depth financial review, or those with more complex needs.

Our process begins with a complimentary initial meeting.